Press centre

The Eastern Economic Forum press centre is a modern, interactive venue offering a comfortable working environment for the media. The Forum’s press centre is located in buildings G and D of the Far Eastern Federal University (the International Broadcast Centre is located in building D). EEF-accredited media representatives, representatives of media partners, and employees of the host broadcaster may access the press centre. A badge is required for entry, and can be collected from the accreditation points.

Press centre operating hours

5–7 September 8 September
08:00‒22:00 08:00‒18:00

Work stations for media representatives

Media work area

Total area: 859 m2
Location: press centre (Building G, level 3)
Capacity: 187 seats


Work area for media representatives, offering 70 pre-equipped work stations, as well as 110 stations where users can connect their own equipment. Work stations will not be assigned to individual journalists or media organizations. Live broadcasts of the plenary session and other key Forum events will be screened in the media work area during the EEF.

Rooms for press events

In order to ensure that media representatives can enjoy a comfortable working environment, in addition to the media work area the Forum venue will also have rooms available for press conferences, briefings and signing ceremonies, as well as interview rooms and press points.

Briefing hall

Total area: 166 m2
Location: press centre (Building G, level 4)
Capacity: 28 seats, 3-seat panel area

Signing ceremony hall

Total area: 209 m2
Location: Building А, level 5
Capacity: 15 seats, 3-seat panel area

Signing ceremony point

Location: Building В, level 7
Capacity: 2-seat panel area

For more details about services and terms, please visit the Services section.

It will be possible to book the customary protocol and organizational support services for signing ceremonies and press conferences at any venue organized by the EEF Organizing Committee at the Forum press centre for press events (press conferences, briefings, signing ceremonies, interviews and live media events). For more details about services and terms, please visit the Services section.

Interview room

Total area: 106 m2
Location: press centre (Building G, level 4)
Capacity: 2 sofas, coffee table, 10 chairs, lighting equipment.

A separate room for conducting individual interviews with Eastern Economic Forum participants. The maximum time allowed for a single interview is 45 minutes.

Press points


Press point 1 Building В, level 5
Press point 2 Building S, level 5
Press point 3 Building С, level 6

Purpose: communication between official programme participants and media representatives. Press points are designed with EEF branding and equipped with a PA system.


Information services

Information and services points

The press centre (Building G, levels 1 and 3) is equipped with information and services points where you will find information on access to Forum events, changes to the programme, services offered, announcements of Forum press events and other information, in both Russian and English. In the event of any technical difficulties with press centre equipment or your own personal equipment, please contact our Technical Support Service.

Distribution of press releases

Press releases alerting media to press events will be posted in the press events programme in the ‘Media’ section of the official EEF website and at information and services points. All materials will be available in both Russian and English.

Press event schedule

At the end of August 2022, the press events programme will be posted in the ‘Media’ section of The programme will list the locations, times, topics and announcements of press conferences, briefings and signing ceremonies planned by Forum participants at the EEF venue. This service will help you to plan your time at the Forum.


Free Wi-Fi internet access will be provided throughout the press centre.

Photo hosting agency

TASS photo bank

The host photo agency (TASS) takes photographs of all official events at the Eastern Economic Forum. The photos are promptly posted on the EEF official website at forumvostok.en and can be viewed and downloaded for free in high resolution. The service is mobile friendly. Archival materials may be used subject to an obligatory reference to the Eastern Economic Forum and the author/TASS.

Roscongress photo bank

The Roscongress Foundation provides photography for all business, cultural and sporting programme events at the Eastern Economic Forum. Photographs are published to the Roscongress photo gallery in real time. Photos can be organized by event and date to facilitate easier browsing. The photographs can be viewed and downloaded for free in high resolution, and may be freely used provided a reference to the Roscongress Foundation is included.

International broadcast centre

An International Broadcast Centre (IBC) has been set up at the Forum venue to cover Eastern Economic Forum 2022 events, and is located on level 7 of Building D. Media representatives accredited for the EEF can work at the International Broadcast Centre after receiving their badges from one of the accreditation points.

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), the Forum's host broadcaster, provides the international television signal for live broadcasts and video recordings of major EEF events. The signal is then distributed to TV and radio company cubicles.

The International Broadcast Centre includes:

  • host broadcaster control room;
  • areas for TV and radio companies (media cubicles).

The International Broadcast Centre infrastructure includes an area for digital satellite news gathering (DSNG).

The following international video signals are available for broadcasting within the cubicles:

  • HD/SDI 1080i/50 (with embedded audio).

Contact person for questions concerning workspaces at the international broadcast centre, spaces for DSNG, use of video materials and the video archive:

Chief Specialist, Directorate of Communications and Telecommunications, All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company

Valery Cherednik

Broadcast of EEF events

The press centre offers an internal television network broadcast during the Eastern Economic Forum to promptly provide information to media representatives. TV screens are installed in all areas of the venue to broadcast Forum events in real time, as well as information about upcoming Forum events, the press centre and the latest news and photos. The information channel is broadcast in Russian and English.

The events of the Forum business programme can also be viewed in real time in the ‘Programme’ section of the official Forum website (forumvostok.en). The Forum plenary session will also be broadcast on the YouTube channel and Facebook.

Upon request from media representatives or RTMP partners, the Roscongress Foundation provides streams for online broadcast of the Forum business events.

Send your inquiries to: