6– 7 September 2017

Vladivostok, Russia

General information
  • Purpose of the EEF 2017 exhibitions: to attract investors into Russia’s Far East.

    – provide a visualization of the aspects of the Forum programme which reveal the investment opportunities available in the Far East

    – make prospective Russian and foreign investors aware of the pace of work for supporting the investment process

    – offer visible confirmation of the region’s claim to investment appeal; work directly with investors by industry and region

    – foster a comprehensive understanding of the Far Eastern Federal District, its investment appeal, and its development institutions

    – showcase the countries participating in the Forum

    The EEF 2017 exhibition space presents specific advanced special economic zones, investment projects, and measures taken by the federal and regional authorities to develop the Far Eastern Federal District’s socioeconomic, demographic, and investment potential.


    The following formats will be offered as part of the EEF 2017 exhibition:

    1. ‘Welcome to the Russian Far East!’ exhibition: presents the Far Eastern Federal District’s key industrial sectors, international cooperation policy, investment opportunities and incentives by industry sector, and mega projects being implemented in the macro-region.
      (Building В, Level 5, 1,000 square metres)
    2. Russia’s Wild Nature’ exhibition: the natural environments of the Far East as a factor in the region’s investment appeal. Protection of rare animals and conservation of unique landscapes; development of eco-tourism.
      (Building С, Level 5, 411 square metres)
    3. EEF 2017 partner business zones expand the Forum’s area and provide a visual representation of the status and achievements of EEF partner companies.
      (Building А, Levels 4, 5, 6, 860 square metres)
    4. Far East ASEZ and development institutions exhibition: presents mechanisms for entry into the Far Eastern Federal District (advanced special economic zones, the Free Port), investment opportunities, activities and tasks of development institutions, and existing and prospective investment projects.
      (Building А, Level 3, 660 square metres)
    5. EEF 2017 media partner business zones.
      (Building В, Level 6, 540 square metres)
    6. National pavilions: exhibition featuring EEF 2017 participating countries: an exhibition presenting countries participating in EEF 2017.
      (Building С, Level 6, 200 square metres)



    Working with exhibitors on technical support issues, cooperation with local maintenance services, and meeting technical requirements for construction.

    Contact person
    The Roscongress Foundation
    Vyacheslav Penyaz
    Tel.: +7 (921) 345 5136 / +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 284
    Email: vyacheslav.penyaz@roscongress.org
    Working with federal government agencies, working with exhibitors on contract issues and design of exhibition structures at the EEF 2017 venue.

    Contact person
    The Roscongress Foundation
    Kirill Razumovskiy
    Tel.: +7 (921) 345 9658 / +7 (495) 640 4440, ext. 283
    Email: kirill.razumovskiy@roscongress.org
    Design of business networking area structures for EEF 2017 partners.

    Contact person
    The Roscongress Foundation
    Nadezhda Sinitsyna
    Tel.: +7 (911) 223 3342 / +7 (812) 406 7579, ext. 464
    Email: ns@roscongress.org