6– 7 September 2017

Vladivostok, Russia

    • What is the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF)?

      The Eastern Economic Forum is a unique platform for cooperation between representatives from the worlds of business and politics, as well as members of the expert and media communities from Russia and the Asia-Pacific region.

      Key areas of focus for the Forum’s 2017 programme will include strengthening business links in the Asia-Pacific region, an in-depth expert appraisal of the Russian Far East’s economic potential, and increasing the region’s competitiveness and financial appeal. The new conditions for investment in the region, where the entire government administrative structure is geared towards meeting the needs of business, will also be presented.

    • Where do Forum events take place?

      The main events of the Eastern Economic Forum will take place on 6–7 September, 2017 on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) on Russky Island (Vladivostok).

      Address: Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Ajax Bay, Russky Island, Vladivostok (view on map)

      The Organizing Committee

      The Chair of the Organizing Committee is Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District.

      You can find additional information about the Organizing Committee in the Organizing Committee section of the website.

      The main goal of the Organizing Committee is the coordination of the activities of representatives of the federal, regional, and municipal authorities and organizations participating in the preparation and holding of the Forum, as well as in the solution of other tasks related thereto.

      The Roscongress Foundation

      The Roscongress Foundation was founded in 2007 with the aim of helping to develop Russia’s economic potential and strengthen the country’s image by organizing congresses and exhibitions with an economic and social focus. The Foundation develops the substantive content for these events, and provides companies with advice, information, and expert guidance, as well as offering comprehensive evaluation, analysis, and coverage of the Russian and global economic agenda.

    • What is the personal web office and how can I access it?

      The personal web office is a personal section of the official EEF website for participants, where it is possible to edit personal information, upload a badge photograph, submit requests for various services (including hotel accommodation, transportation, excursions, and linguistic support), fill out the contract, pay for your participation in the Forum, request accreditation of a personal vehicle, and print out your electronic ticket.

      In order to access the personal web office, you will need to enter your personal login and password, which were provided in the letter you received along with your invitation to the Forum.

      How is the confidentiality of data entered into the personal web office protected?

      EEF strictly adheres to legal requirements for the protection of every participant’s personal data.

      The personal web office has been developed using SSL data encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of your personal information.

    • How can I upload the photograph for my badge?

      You can upload the photograph for your badge in the personal web office.

      The badge photograph must:

      • – Be a colour photograph on a white background, in JPEG format
      • – Be 480×640 pixels in size
      • – Have a resolution of 300 dpi (image quality)
      • – Include a frontal view of the entire face, with the head uncovered
      • – Have the face make up at least 70% of the photograph

    • How can I make changes to personal information in the personal web office?

      Once you have submitted your personal information using the registration form or the personal web office, you can make changes to it by contacting your EEF personal manager.

    • How can I pay the participation fee?

      After Forum participation is confirmed, each participant should create their own contract electronically in the personal web office and sign it. As soon as the organizers receive your signed copy of the contract, the option to print your invoice for electronic payment will appear in the personal web office. You must pay the participation fee within five business days of signing your contract.

      If you are unable to pay the Forum participation fee in advance, you will be able to pay in person at the Forum central venue, at one of the Forum’s cash desks, in cash or with your bank card.

      Please note that for payments made by cash or bank card during the Forum, the payment currency will be Russian roubles, and a 5.5% commission fee will be applied.

    • Is a discount offered for several participants from the same organization?

      No discounts will be offered for participation in EEF 2017. Within the quotas, the number of registered participants does not affect the registration fee.

      Please note that if the quota for the number of participants from a given company is exceeded, the participation fee will increase. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of the quota system (maximum number of participants from any one company) and the participation fee in the Participants section of the website.

    • Exhibitions

      Purpose of the EEF 2017 exhibitions: to attract investors into the Russian Far East.

      The EEF 2017 exhibition space presents specific Advanced Special Economic zones, investment projects and measures taken by the federal and regional authorities for developing the Far Eastern Federal District’s socio-economic, demographic and investment potential.

      You can find additional information about exhibitions in the Exhibitions section of the website.

    • What is accreditation, and what are participant badges?

      Due to security measures in place at the Forum Central Venue and at cultural programme event locations, all participants must be issued with an accreditation badge.

      The badge is a pre-programmed proximity card, a unique key linked to the participant’s information in the Forum’s database. The badge contains the following data about the holder: name and surname (in Latin characters), organization, category, level of access, EEF logo, photograph, and universal attributes.

      Accreditation badges are issued to specific individuals and are not transferable. You should keep your badge and ID with you at all times during the Forum. Your badge is the only document confirming your accreditation which can be used at event venues.

    • How do I collect my badge?

      Participants can collect their badge by visiting one of the accreditation points.

      In order to be issued with their badge, a participant must present the same document used to register on the EEF website (usually a passport).

      During the accreditation process, participants are advised to present the accreditation stand operator with their electronic ticket in addition to the required documents.

    • What do I need to check before collecting my badge?

      Before collecting your badge, please ensure that:

      1. you have registered as a Forum participant;
      2. your participation has been approved by the Forum Organizing Committee, and that this fact is reflected in the organizers’ data system;
      3. you have accurately provided all required information about yourself;
      4. you have uploaded a badge photo to your personal web office or have already submitted a photo to the organizers in the required format (a colour photograph on a white background, in JPEG format, 480×640 pixels in size, 300 dpi resolution (image quality), including a frontal view of your entire face, with your head uncovered, and with your face making up at least 70% of the photograph);
      5. you have paid the registration fee, and that this fact is reflected in the organizers’ data system;
      6. your participation has been approved by the Forum’s Security Service, and that this fact is reflected in the organizers’ data system.

    • What is my participant bag, and how do I collect it?

      Your EEF participant bag contains a set of information materials about the Forum and souvenirs from the Forum organizers and partners. You can collect your participant bag by presenting your participant badge at a participant bag distribution point.

    • Can somebody collect my badge on my behalf?

      If someone else will be picking up your badge or bag by proxy, they will need to:


      • show an original power of attorney executed in the established format (the form and instructions for completing it can be downloaded from the Accreditation section of the official Forum website)
      • Show their ID (passport)
      • To collect badges: Show copies of the passports of all participants for whom they are picking up badges (without a list and copies of the passports of all participants to be accredited, the power of attorney is invalid. Copies of passports will be returned once the badges have been collected)
      • To collect participant bag: show the participant badges for all participants on whose behalf the representative is collecting the participant bag

      Please note: bags can only be collected under power of attorney upon presentation of a badge providing access to the Blue Zone.

    • What should I do if I have lost my badge?

      Accreditation badges are issued to specific individuals and are not transferable. If your badge has been lost, stolen or damaged, please immediately inform an administrator at any information and services point, accreditation point, or Help Desk, or call +7 (499) 7000 111. The lost badge will then be blocked, and a duplicate badge issued to the holder from the Help Desk upon written request.