Women in contemporary paintings by artists of the Far Eastern Federal District

Madonnas of the Far East

The annual Eastern Economic Forum offers visitors from Russia and beyond a chance to learn about significant events in economic development in regions of the Far Eastern Federal District, yet to this day, the soul of its people remains a mystery to many.

Images of women in the history of art have always been able to provide a glimpse into the true ideals of a people or culture. The exhibition ‘Madonnas of the Far East’ will showcase some of the creative talent of Far Eastern artists and their exquisite perspective, as illustrated in images of women. The exhibition clearly shows that every region has talent and reminds us once more of the importance of recognizing, appreciating and supporting emerging artists on the road to global acclaim.

This exhibition is presented in collaboration with Primorye State Art Gallery

Curator: Anna Filonenko

‘Tea for two’, 2019, oil on canvas, 100х100, Nadezhda Belykh-Fedotova (Sakhalin Region)

‘Tuymaada’, 2017, oil on canvas, 65х90, Kydana Ignatieva (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia))

‘Bride’, 2018, acrylic on canvas, Tatiana Ananyeva (Amur Region)

‘Dangina’, 2011, oil on canvas, 76х55, Zorikto Yeshiev (Zabaikalsky Krai)

‘Winter day’, 2017, acrylic on fibreboard, 50х65, Vladimir Pogrebnyak (Primorye Territory)

‘Portrait with a flounder’, 2016, oil on canvas, 60х60, Alexander Pilipenko (Magadan Region)

‘Summer day’, 2019, oil on canvas, 73х60, Nadezhda Khrustova (Khabarovsky Krai)

‘Craftswoman’, 2016, mixed media, 75х60, Irina Mezhenkova (Khabarovsky Krai)

‘Lady in silver’, 2018, oil on canvas, 83х102, Baljinima Dorzhiev (Republic of Buryatia)

‘Northern Madonna (Queen)’, 2015, oil on canvas, 83х121, Mikhail Starostin (Republic of Sakha (Yakutia))

‘The Great Silk Road’, 2017, oil on canvas, 100х130, Ilya Butusov (Primorye Territory)