Exhibition ‘Teaching History in the East’

The exhibition ‘Teaching History in the East’ can be viewed in the passageway from building A to building B on the FEFU campus.

Since 2018, the programme of the Eastern Economic Forum has incorporated events with a historical focus. The Russian Historical Society and the History of the Fatherland Foundation hold international scientific conferences and exhibitions at the Forum. This year’s exhibition is dedicated to the practice of teaching history in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region as well as South and Central Asia. Foreign and Russian scientists, historians, and teachers will use the discussion platform to discuss the current state of history teaching in a number of Asian countries. Russian Railways will serve as a partner of the events.

Today, each country has its own system of history education in schools, which instils feelings of patriotism and civic consciousness in young people, as well as shapes and strengthens national identity. In a sense, a comparative analysis of curricula in history makes it possible to “foresee the future” by proactively identifying potential conflicts in interpretations of the past, finding common ground for the countries of a region, and, based on them, building productive international cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. With this in mind, the Russian Historical Society pays special attention to studying the special national aspects of how history is taught. The exhibition is based on expert interviews with scientists and teachers from almost ten countries, which provide a comprehensive idea of ​​what the systems of history education at schools in Russia and Asian countries have in common and what makes them special.