This year, nine federal executive authorities participated in the 'Welcome to the Far East' traditional exhibition at the Eastern Economic Forum.

The majority of them were situated in building B, level 5. The main building of FEFU (building A, level 6) accommodated one of the Forum's most extensive exhibitions – the booth representing the Russian Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East. An unexpected treat awaited guests of the Federal Agency for Fishery: the Russian Fish House restaurant, featuring culinary masterpieces of haute cuisine in an outdoor area in front of building B.

The multimedia exhibition by the Russian Ministry for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic is dedicated to showcasing the outcomes of efforts towards the accelerated development of the Far East, the state-supported measures for investors operating within the macro-region, and the programmes implemented under the guidance of Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the people residing in the Far East.

The interactive format showcases industrial and infrastructure projects across various sectors, existing enterprises, and the preferential regimes applied by investors (such as Advanced Special Economic Zones, the Free port of Vladivostok, etc.), along with new mechanisms, social initiatives, and digital services for citizens and entrepreneurs. The exposition includes platforms for business programme events, equipped for presentations, ceremonies, and teleconferences.

Visitors of the multimedia exhibition will have the opportunity to access comprehensive information about the social and economic development of the Far Eastern Federal District. They can also engage in business negotiations and seek consultation from experts regarding the implementation of investment projects and the utilization of state support measures.

The central theme of the exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation is the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of national civil aviation, which will be celebrated in 2023. The decision to celebrate it was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The stand will present a video clip showcasing significant projects in the field of domestic civil aviation that have been recently implemented. This includes information about the renovated air transport facilities in the Far East, which play a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the regions. These enhancements increase mobility, making aviation services more readily available to citizens, even in the most remote corners of the Far Eastern Federal District.

The Russian Ministry of Transport will also present a number of implemented and promising projects across various sectors, including the digitalization of the transport industry and transport security. They will highlight investment projects in maritime, river, and road transport in the Far Eastern region, as well as road maintenance and the development of checkpoints along the state border of the Russian Federation.

The Ministry will present a business programme focusing on various areas such as world-class scientific centers, advanced engineering schools, scientific and technical cooperation between Russia and China in the field of basic sciences, and many more. There are also plans to conduct interviews with renowned scientists, science popularizers, engineers, researchers, and university rectors on pertinent topics related to the development of science, technology, and education.

At the booth of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, attendees of the Forum will have the opportunity to experience the Ministry's areas of work through all five senses: smell, touch, hearing, taste, and sight.

You can experience not only the treasures of Far Eastern nature but also witness the northern lights, encounter the Siberian tiger, listen to the tales of geologists and polar explorers, interact with museum exhibits, and inhale the aroma of wild rosemary.

A point of attraction for EEF 2023 participants and guests will be the Russian Fish House chalet, a joint exhibition from the Federal Agency for Fishery. It will be possible to explore a wide variety of products sourced from wild fish and other sea creatures, harvested and processed using technologically advanced and environmentally friendly methods in the Far East, specifically Kamchatka and Sakhalin. The industry leaders – Lenin Fishery Collective Farm, Magadanryba, Gidrostroy, Antey, Dobroflot, Yuzhno-Kurilsk Fish Factory, Tadem Group of Companies, and Ukinskiy Liman – will showcase their most significant achievements from the past twenty years and discuss their plans until 2025. This involves constructing new vessels with technological independence, opening and launching new processing plants, and developing and introducing new types of products that are eagerly anticipated by consumers in both Russian and international markets.

The guests of the Russian Fish House will have the opportunity to savor haute cuisine dishes from the signature menu, crafted by chefs from renowned restaurants in Moscow and Vladivostok, right on the premises. The open kitchen and bar will operate in the style of a culinary show throughout the duration of the Forum.

This year's innovation will be the integration of the Russian Fish House and the VinoGrad themed venue as part of the Fish in a Jar project.

Rospotrebnadzor's stand at EEF 2023 is dedicated to important aspects of health and safety. One of its primary themes is the federal project “Sanitary Shield – Safety for Health (Prevention, Detection, Response)”. Furthermore, there will be a showcase of domestically produced products and technologies from scientific organizations under the jurisdiction of Rospotrebnadzor: innovative advancements in health and safety that are made in Russia.

Special attention will be devoted to ensuring the biological sovereignty of the Far Eastern region, along with the presentation of diverse projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing security in the Far Eastern Federal District. The stand will showcase a fully equipped diagnostic laboratory with Russian-made equipment, acquainting visitors with cutting-edge diagnostic and research technologies employed for the detection and analysis of various diseases.

In addition, the stand organizers will be conducting a traditional flu vaccination campaign, aimed at helping individuals safeguard themselves from illnesses during the perilous autumn and winter seasons. Everyone will have the opportunity to receive the required vaccination and gather information regarding the significance of immunizations in sustaining good health and preventing the spread of infections.

Rosreestr and Roskadastr will present a joint stand at EEF 2023. The primary objective of the Big Rosreestr team this year is to educate guests about geodesy and cartography, aiming to instill a deep appreciation for the industry among those who may not have yet recognized its significance and importance in human life. Every visitor to the stand will experience the sensation of being an explorer in the Far East and have the opportunity to take on the role of a geodesist in a quest titled “Become a Custodian of the GGS” (GGS – State Geodetic Network). The participants of the Forum will also become familiar with the National Spatial Data System, which they will be able to study both comprehensively and as individual layers within the system. Anyone interested will be able to receive consultations on all services related to land and real estate and make a wish inside a large geotag.

You can get answers to questions concerning law enforcement practices at the booth of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. The agency's involvement in the EEF 2023 exhibition serves as a clear example of direct and open conversation with entrepreneurs, currently being carried out under the authority of Russia's Prosecutor General, Igor Krasnov. Right at the stand, business representatives have the opportunity to submit official appeals and familiarize themselves with the features of the mobile application of the Prosecutor General's Office. This application will enable them to continue the conversation in a comfortable remote format.

Due to the actions taken by the prosecutor, residents of regions with favorable preferential economic regimes were given parcels of land for the implementation of investment projects. They also received the necessary licenses and permits, and the connection of newly constructed facilities to engineering networks was ensured.

In order to further encourage investment in the larger region, prosecutors are placing special emphasis on ensuring compliance with restrictions on control (supervisory) activities. This approach is aimed at reducing bureaucratic obstacles for businesses. The degree of involvement by regulatory bodies in the business operations of entrepreneurs in the Far Eastern Federal District is the lowest in the nation.

The Prosecutor General's Office proposal to eliminate resident inspections carried out by supervisory agencies and instead implement compulsory preventive visits will enhance the appeal of Advanced Special Economic Zones in the Far East.


Deputy CEO of the Eastern Economic Forum

Maiya Semenova
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