General information

10–13 September 2018, Far Eastern Federal University, Russky Island, Vladivostok
The aim of the exhibitions at EEF 2018 is to attract investors to the Russian Far East, by:

  • providing a visual representation of the Forum programme, showcasing investment opportunities in the Russian Far East
  • creating a space for direct dialogue between investors, company heads, representatives of government agencies, and the media
  • giving potential Russian and international investors an idea of the progress being made on work to support the investment process
  • offering clear confirmation of the region’s investment appeal
  • working directly with investors along industry-based and regional lines
  • providing a complete picture of the regions of the Russian Far East and their investment attractiveness
  • establishing a comprehensive overview of the Russian Far East’s development institutions
  • showcasing all the countries taking part in the Forum

The EEF 2018 exhibition space will include presentations about specific advanced special socioeconomic zones, investment projects, and measures being undertaken by federal and regional authorities to develop the socioeconomic, demographic, and investment potential of the Far Eastern Federal District.

EEF 2018 exhibition formats

The 'Do Business in the Far East' Exhibition presents mechanisms for entry to the Far Eastern Federal District (ASEZs, Free Port), investment opportunities, activities and tasks undertaken by development institutions, and current and potential investment projects. 

Venue: Building A, Level 6, 593 m2 

Welcome to the Russian Far East exhibition: the federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation present investment opportunities, incentives, and major projects for international cooperation in the Russian Far East macroregion. 

Venue: Building B, Level 5, 1,000 m2 

Partner business zones (incl. media partners) will expand the Forum space, showcasing the status and achievements of EEF partner companies. They serve as meeting and interview zones. 

Venue: Building A, Levels 3, 4, 5, 1,400 m2

and Building B, Level 6, 400 m2 

Forum exhibitors’ photo exhibition  

Venue: Passages between FEFU buildings: 

from Building A, Level 6 to Building B, Level 6 (Wilderness of Far East’ photo exhibition) 

from Building A, Level 6 to Building C, Level 6 (‘Water Treasures of Russia’ photo exhibition)

from Building A, Level 6 to Building C, Level 6 (photo exhibition of archival documents and photos for the Year of Russia in Japan and Year of Japan in Russia)

from Building B, Level 5 to Building D, Level 5 (‘Japan and Russia. Innovations and ecology in coal handling’ photo exhibition)

ramp from Building B, Level 6 (‘Friendship sails’ photo exhibition)